Saturday, December 11, 2010

My apologies to the dancers in Zafirah's troupe

The ladies performed a week ago tonight at the Mango in Nile, Il. It was, in fact, their first performance out. Zafirah had asked me to come down and photograph it for them. I did and promised I would have the pictures posted about 4 days ago.

My bad.

Ladies, download whatever you like - it's on me. You can get to the entire set by clicking on the link below the picture above. Of course, the links to all the dancers pictures are up.

Recently, when posting pictures I have decided to bore people by mentioning certain things - sometimes technical, sometimes logistical - about the set posted. I really don't have a lot to say about this set that does not duplicate what I have said about previous sets shot with my Digital Rebel T1i.

Simply put, either my abilities went down a notch or three the day I got the Rebel or the Rebel is just not up to working with me. My guess is that the Rebel was simply not made for quick, sharp focusing. Likely, it is underpowered for the number of shots I take at a sitting (typically over 500 shots per event).

My plan, photographically, is to get either a 60D or a 7D (there's about a $500 price difference between the two). Next plan is to get a USM lens - they focus more quickly. And the true D line tends to grab focus more quickly and sharply.

This will take a while - my resources are pretty limited. However, it's what I am determined to do, so it's going to be done. Hmmmm... Maybe a PayPal donate button>

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