Friday, September 17, 2010

The Hiptastic Photos are Up!

The link above will take you to the website. From there click the Hiptastic link. That will take you to the pictures. This time they are separated into one gallery per dance act. All acts are identified by name.

None of the galleries have very many photos in them. This was intentional and in response to past suggestions that I pare things down, sacrificing quantity for quality. We'll see how this goes over.

May you enjoy the photos. There's a link on the top of every page making it easy to share them with people in Facebook, MySpace, and other web 2.0 sharing sites.

To the dancers, thanks for all your hard work your great performances. Nilaja, thanks for having me. I really enjoyed the opportunity to get all snaptastic with a gaggle of bellydancers gracing the lenses.

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