Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shaia Fahrid and students at a Milwaukee benefit...

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Originally shot in Mid April of this year, this set of shots was relegated to the bottom of the pile until recently. My aplogies to Shia on that, as she and her students deserved better treatment.

The venue was incredibly small, and so was the stage. But the women (and one man) filled it with grace.

I took over 225 shots at this event. My goal in editing this set was to whittle it down to 50 shots. I was unable to do it - there are 62 shots here. There was just too much stuff,and I know some good shots hit the cutting room floor along the way.

Expecting a shorter show I was a doofus and did not pack enough batteries to power the flash through till the end. It died with a couple of dancers left to go so the end of the performance went unrecorded.

If you are interested in learning more about Shaia's Milwaukee school you can get information from . At the very least you should check their performance schedules. The shows are more than worth attending.

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