Thursday, August 13, 2009

If you're reading this you already know...

that this blog is unfortunately updated on the most irregular of schedules. The last update was four months ago and the update that will go up shortly is of pictures that should have been processed and posted in the middle of April.

Suffice it to say that my work schedule - two jobs, one of which is physically tiring and the other which was just a pain in the ass - took up a lot of my energy. In the hours between I either played video games to unwind (yes, I am such a guy) or worked some freelance photo jobs to help make ends meet.

Things have changed a bit in the last two and a half weeks now. I've abandoned one of the jobs and cut down hours on the other. Photography -which I love doing and working on - is taking up more of my time, though not enough yet. As it is, I finally have the time, energy and motivation to start putting out some photography.

And that means I should start having more time and resources to update this blog.

To make it easier on the few of you who visit here I have opted to cut down on the number of photos I show in each set. My goal is no more than 50 shots per set. That saves you time and helps make sure the quality of what you see is better.

Anyhow, it's time to stop blathering and end this. I have another set to post.


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