Monday, March 9, 2009

March Halfa at the Sphinx - Mango

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It's been a while since I was last at the Sphinx to enjoy the belly dancing and food – so long that they'd changed the name and the buffet. What was then the Sphinx is now the Mango, a Latino dance club I believe. And, unfortunately, what was a Middle Eastern buffet is not Mexican.

Lord, but I miss that hummus.

But while some things changed some remained the same. Fifteen really excellent acts filled the floor and I was able to reconnect with some dancers who I'd known in passing, including the hostess, Zayna.

I snapped loads of pictures, but due to a pinched nerve never ventured from my seat. The one angle made the shots repetitious. For this reason I've limited the number of pictures posted – instead of putting things up en masse, I've elected to post just my faves from each performer. That means that some people got as few as 3 shots while others got upwards of ten.

So if my flash misfired – and it did a lot – or the focus was off – and it was often – then you were short changed here. And for that I apologize.

Ladies and Essam, please feel free to use any of these shots on your web pages or for other personal reasons. If you need them for professional reasons please email me and we can arrange something.

Thank all of you for sharing your time and your talent. We all look forward to next month.

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