Saturday, March 15, 2008

Veils of Light pictures... finally

Had a world of problems with the coloring in these pictures - the entire photo took on the cast of the dancers' outfits. Trying to get these to color balance correctly was a bitch. Good thing nobody's getting charged for anything , eh?

Anyhow, These shots are from last Saturday's Veils of Light belly dance fund raiser held at the Kenosha Woman's Club. The event raised money for Women and Children's Horizon, a group dedicated to helping domestically abused women and children.

Organizing the event was Lori Dale along with her student body from Amarain Belly Dance Studio and some other belly dancers from throughout the area . The evening's special guest performance was by Christina King of the Blue Lotus Tribe. Ms. King's performance was a fantastic topper to an already great evening of fun, dance and food.

I am hoping to soon get permission from Ms. King to post at least some of her pictures here. If/When that happens I'll send ya'll the link.

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